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My Creative Method for Creating Self-Promo Videos

My Creative Method for Creating Self-Promo Videos

Listen, my little mini photographer doesn’t always lend me her services so, when I need photo assistance I have to think outside the box. In today’s post I’m going to show you I create self-promotion videos for Instastory.

I used my iPhone XR to take photos for my promotion video. I used the awesome Portrait mode on the iPhone along with my iPhone tripod which comes with an attached ring light. I set it up near a white wall in my room to give me a blank canvas.

Once I took the photos I used Snapseed to do all the edits. Snapseed is Google’s free photo editing app. It’s available for both iOS and Android users. I’m a true fan of black and white photography and in my own opinion, Snapseed has some of the best looks and filters for black and white photos.

Snapseed App

Once I finished editing my photos, I moved to the Adobe Spark Post App to create the end credit for my video. I take advantage of the animated features offered for both text and photos. If you pay the $9.99 subscription fee you, you’ll have the option to add your logo to your photo. If not you can be creative like me and add your logo as a photo instead.

Adobe Spark Post App

To create the actual video, I use an app called FilmakerPro. I love the app for all the many features they offer. many of the features you can use with the free version, however, all of your videos will have the FilmmakerPro logo on them. So, to me it’s worth the $5.99 a month fee for the sake of building your brand. With FilmmakerPro you can create videos in Square, Vertical or Horizontal range, which means it’s perfect for creating videos for all of the social media platforms including YoutTube, IGTV and Instastories.

FilmakerPro App

With FilmmakerPro you can create a video using a mix of still photos, animated photos and videos. One other awesome feature I love about FilmmakerPro, is the video in video feature. I use often when I make videos t provide commentary on what my viewers are seeing.

Once you’re done creating the animated photo in Adobe Spark you can save it as an animation and then upload it to FilmmakerPro at the end of your video. When you’re finished with your video in FilmakerPro you can save it to your camera roll to upload it to whatever social media platform you wish to post it.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask me! #heyitsmeshanie

My Creative Method for Creating Self-Promo Videos
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