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What a $49 Meal Looks Like in DC

What a $49 Meal Looks Like in DC

Fine dining in DC can be a very pricey thing but not all meals are made equally. Today we’re going to take a look at what a $49 dollar meal gets you at two local posh restaurants in DC.

The $49 Meal Part 1

Typically when dinning at a restaurant, your entree is paired with one or two sides that come with the meal. However, in a lot of upscale restaurants, side dishes are usually not included in the meal and are instead available to purchase as an add on to your main course. Such is the case at Claudia's, the fine upscale restaurant, located just a few blocks from the White House.

The overall dining experience is exquisite. From the posh decor, to the warm lighting and fancy bar, you’re surrounded by upscale ambiance the minute you walk into the door. The decision to visit Claudia’s was a spur on the moment thing so I wore my typical jeans, and branded t-shirt.  Had I known about this restaurant prior to this visit, I definitely would have up my style came and traded in those jeans and t-shirt for a maxi dress and low heels.

The food was delicious. I opted for the Mixed Grilled Seafood Platter which included a selection of grilled calamari, shrimp, fish, octopus and lobster. I’m not particularly a fan of grilled calamari and when I informed the maitre ‘d,  he informed the chef who kindly fried my up a fresh plate of calamari.  Needless to say that definitely added more positive points about my experience at Claudia’s. 

The $49 Meal Part 2

Then you have the kind of meal coupled with the experience that makes you feel right at home. That such experience happened at Union District Oyster Bar & Lounge. This spot reminded me so much of back home in Detroit.  I visited for the first time on birthday, which happened to be on Monday. Union District Oyster Bar & Lounge offers Live Jazz Monday’s so my $49 meal not only came with a pair of equally delicious sides, but I also had the opportunity to enjoy a live set of jazz.

The best part of this $49 dinning experience was the laid back smooth feeling. The place is laid out across two floors with the upstairs devoted to the live entertainment. You have the option to dine at table or you can reserve the posh sofa seating. 

For my $49 meal I opted for the Buttermilk Deep Fried lobster which was paired five-cheese macaroni and  grilled asparagus with a cajun cream aioli sauce.  The star of this experience was the ambiance of the restaurant and the fabulous waitress that we had. On this particular night their was a live jazz band, so I had the opportunity to enjoy the sweet sounds of modern jazz, while consuming my meal and cocktail. 

While I didn’t particularly care for the lobster tail ( it was  bit overcooked ) however, the overall experience, decor and ambiance made this restaurant a definite spot that I would return to.

In summary,, a $49 dish in DC will definitely provide you with a diverse dining experience that mimics the high level of diversity that exists in our nation’s capitol.  Most restaurants in DC provide copies of their  menus on their website. When deciding which $49 meal you’d like to experience at one of the many local restaurants in DC, use a site let YELP to give you with an idea of what the atmosphere is like before decide where you’d like to spend your $49.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment and let know what your most recent fine dining experience was like and where it happened. Bonus points for spots located in DC or Vegas ( my future home). #heyitmeshanie


What a $49 Meal Looks Like In DC

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