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We The Pizza for the Win

We The Pizza for the Win

Hey It’s Me Shanie! How many of you reading this like pizza?? Pizza is one of those foods that you just have to try no matter where you visit or where you live. Here in DC is no different. I’ve tried about 8 different local pizza places and We the Pizza still remains my favorite spot. Its located in Capital Hill on Pennsylvania Avenue. They also have a located in Arlington, Virginia.


When you walk inside We the Pizza, you’re greeted by a display of all the available pizza slices they offer. Additionally, per the menu, they offer four different types of wings and a selection of tossed salads.. My favorite pizza slice is the Forest Shroomin and when I’m in my hungry woman mode, I’ll order a side of Sriracha hot and honey sweet wings. Sorry, pepperoni fans, I haven’t liked pepperoni pizza much since my early 20s.

The thing I love most about We the Pizza is the awesome price they charge per slice. . All the slices on the menu are $4 or less and they are extra large. Like one fourth of a medium pizza large. They also offer both homemade soda and fountain soda and for beer lovers they offer draft beer to help you wash down your food.

Don’t let the small space fool you either. Upstairs they have plenty of seating space available for you and your family or friends. Monday -Friday they offer two cool lunch specials from 11am-4pm. You can choice from either two slices and a homemade soda or a slice, side salad and a homemade soda for $10. Not bad huh! If you’re watching your weight like me you can eat one slice for lunch and save the other slice for dinner. So who’s heading to We the Pizza? Have you already been? I’m dying to know. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite slice.

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