About Me, Shanie

Truth be told, I’ve been creative my whole life, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m just getting started.

I’m a book nerd, which means that I usually read 2-3 books at the same time! Why? Well, because some days you need fiction, other days you need a good laugh, but everyday I need a little wisdom to run my business.

Above everything, I’m a mama first! There’s nothing in life that brings me more joy, love and happiness than being my daughter’s mommy! Everything that I do and everything that I have become is because of her. I only want to give her the best life I can which is why I chose to homeschool her. She’s super smart and creative too, just like her mama and she’s a book nerd!

I love wine! At the moment I’m a Stella Rosa wine snob until I discover something that I love better!

It’s really quite possible that in another life I was probably a chef! Cooking is definitely my first creative love. I’ve been cooking on a gourmet level since I was about 12 years old! 

I can make magical things happen in the kitchen with just a few staples from the cupboard.

Even with all the craziness that life sometimes brings my way, being creative gives me a sense of calmness and peace. So, whether I’m manufacturing products for my business making handmade cards for family and friends, or designing logos for customers, the creative side of me never sleeps. #HeyItsMeShanie

Hey You! It’s Me Shanie

Hey You! It’s Me Shanie